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New friends and memorable moments

When I first started traveling alone many years ago, I always tried to meet people so I didnt have to spend time alone. It took alot of energy and took away alot of the pleasure of traveling while I was searching for these new friends. It wasn’t until several years back, that I learned how […]

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buses,trains,cars,planes..traveling in India

When I arrived in India almost six weeks ago,I decided I wanted to travel with different forms of transportation so I could understand the different levels of the society. Instead of experimenting with the most basic first,I began my travels flying from Dhaka to Kolkatta. I was told that the bus trip overland,which cost less […]

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a chinese puzzle in India

As I have recounted my trials with the India mobile phone companies, now I have two SIM cards. One that works and one that does not.. I had purchased my recent Airtel card in Mysore which is in the state of Karnataka. I left this state on Thursday, April 5 and arrived in Kerala state […]

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