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somewhere over the rainbow at Igim

Week 5 Limitations

 Living in  rural poverty , something most of us never experienced, is exhausting. Since most of the students in form 5 (3rd yr) at the high school failed the second term, I asked to interview several of the lowest performing in each class. Several had physical or emotional problems.   A young Muslim girl confided she had […]

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the gospel choir preparing to preach

Week 4    Frustration

  Since his knee surgery six weeks ago, the principal of GBHS, the government high school in Fundong, has been immobilized. He was put in a plaster  cast up to his thigh and down to his ankle for 2 months…  Shocked at the lack of modern techniques, I explained this operation had not been performed […]

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the traveler comes first

Thinking Out Loud

Be aware international travelers, it is now demanded that we arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure.  It’s possible to arrive at the boarding gate less than one hour before takeoff and be denied entry.  Our  airports in the U.S. have become military zones. Step out of line, ask to move ahead if you are […]

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THE AFRICAN CONUNDRUM : corruption and poverty

The passageways leading from the plane to the baggage claim were actually lighted and the broken cement floors had been replaced with new ceramic tile.  But the most shocking change was the disappearance of the young street boys grabbing  your luggage as you chased after them, not knowing whether you would every see your bags again.  […]

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