a chinese puzzle in India

As I have recounted my trials with the India mobile phone companies, now I have two SIM cards. One that works and one that does not.. I had purchased my recent Airtel card in Mysore which is in the state of Karnataka. I left this state on Thursday, April 5 and arrived in Kerala state in the town of Calicut. I noticed my calling card for Airtel wasnt working but as we were driving around town, I saw a shiny modern HUTCH showroom, my previous mobile carrier.

After telling my Hutch story to an actual English speaking person, he promised he would get me connected. He kept his word and by the next day,I was Hutched again. I had talk time so the inconvience of Airtel not working was not serious.

( The morning I awoke in Calicut, there was an explosion and a huge cloud of smoke was covering the downtown center. Ironically a fireworks store had caught fire and then of course all the fireworks exploded destroying 80 shops, killing 7 people and wounding 50.)

So where is this Chinese puzzle. Today is Saturday and I am in a town called

Cochin, well traveled by tourists. I have two mobile phone carriers. My Hutch

card is out of rupees and no one sells their cards here and my Airtel card is

full of rupees but the SIM card will not work. I am wondering if it would have been a better idea not to have a phone in India.

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