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On the road between Togo and Ghana

After the first shock of Lome, I started enjoying using motocycles or motos as the Togolese call them, as my new form of transportation around the city. Lome has no traffic problem because motos outnumber cars five to one.As we cycled on main roads and dirt paths,I keep repeating to myself, we were not going […]

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The subtlety of oppression

As I sit in front of the computer in the town of Kpalime in Togo,struggling to answer an email,I suddenly realize why the internet barely works and why this town had a power outtage last night,lasting 8 hours. The government,who owns the internet,makes it barely possible for the Togolese people to find out what is […]

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A trip through Togo

On my way to Togo, I made a stop along the southeast coast of Ghana for one night in Tegbi. Having a postive review in West Africa Lonely Planet,I had high hopes.I arrived at midday on Sunday in the heat of the Ghanian day,looking forward to a refreshing swim in the ocean. Larneh Lodge,facing the […]

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