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Frustration and Anger in India

Before I begin my frustrating experience with the Indian mobile phone companies,the private taxi companies,auto rickshaw drivers,and the non-existence of customer service, I want to share with all of you the fact that now in India,there are 7 million new Indian millionaires. While I was at Baby Sarah’s home in Pondicherry, I mentioned this to […]

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the french were here

Unkown to most of us, the French were able to colonize on city in India. The main motivation for going to Pondicherry,was to find French food and crossiants. I had been given names, addresses and directions to find these delicacies in the midst of naans and curries. As usually, arriving at my destination proved challenging.. […]

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Tourist or Traveler

I always get upset when people call me a tourist. For me a tourist is someone who travels to different places to see the places they are told to see in the guide books. I usually prowl the back streets, peeping in doorways and confronting the native population. I avoid most castles,gardens and famous monuments […]

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My Indian Dream

I know I have come to India too late. But if I had come back in the 70’s I dont know if I could have survived the flith and poverty. There is still alot of both but now we have Indian shop keepers lined up on the streets, insistent,annoying and agressively demanding you come into […]

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