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A trip to the beach in Ghana

We take so many things for granted in the developed world. Things are available everywhere,anytime and payable with credit cards. Most of us have vehicles or live in cities with mass transit. But in Ghana,few people have their own cars so they choose between shared taxis and trou trous,which are like the old VW vans […]

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the new colonialism in Africa

I am happy to report to any of you who have thoughts of resettling in a third world country that colonialism is alive and thriving. We have all dreamed of having chauffeurs,cooks,maids and nannys but most of us cannot afford such luxury. After researching many of the foreign owned resorts in Ghana and the lives […]

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A day in the life of lois in Ghana

The first sounds I hear as I am almost waking up in Cape Coast,Ghana are either dogs barking,a hen crowing or people yelling in loud voices. I never expect to see a blue sky as I have never seen one since I arrived 3 weeks ago.. I was promised that the Hamattan dust season has […]

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a travelers survival guide

Traveling has become so easy with the internet,and the mobile phone. One can go to any remote village in any third world country and there will be at least one person with a cell phone,and if he is the only one, he will probably be generating a good income as a phone service. Rememberng back […]

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