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Fish for thought

There was a coup in Mauritania last week. Most Americans have never heard of this country situated on the west coast of Africa,between Morocco and Senegal. Since I had spent several weeks there in April, I feel motivated to tell some of the truths that are not reported by the press. Yes the military took […]

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Why would someone want to live in Mauritania

This is a question I keep asking myself from the moment I walked out of the airport in Nouakchott until the moment of my approaching departure. Driving around the city in broken down Mercedes taxis,mainly on streets of sand with the relentless sun beating down from late morning until five in the afternoon,I was curious […]

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Mauritanian adventure

Choosing some of the places I have explored in the world,has been motivated by words,stories and images of how I expect them to be. As I explained in my Abidjan experience, I am intrigued by distant,remote,unexplored,inaccesible and underdeveloped areas. I am not put off by news bulletins, as when I flew to Sri Lanka last […]

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The Abidjan I didnt imagine

Most people have fantasies about places in the world they have never been too. There are countries and cities in the world whose names create fantasies of romance,exotica,adventure,mysticism,violence and a myriad of other adjectives. Many of my favorite places have surpassed my expectations. I can run down my list,probably Cuba being at the top,followed by […]

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