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The Mexican Saga continues

Southern Mexico November 2010 The noise of the chain saw destroyed the silence of a beautiful sunny morning and finally became so abusive, I went out to the patio to see what was going on. I assumed the bomberos (firemen) were cleaning up the branches we had cut down yesterday and failed to remove. Instead […]

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an american homeowner in mexico part III

Tales of a homeowner in Mexico 2008 Last year I explored the desert in Mauritania by truck, traveled overland between Ghana and Cote dIvoire in a taxi-brousse (communal and crowded) and in the moutains of Toga,was squeezed between two Togolese guys on the back of a motocycle as a rain storm was approaching. Through all […]

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an american homeowner part II

TALES OF A HOMEOWNER IN MEXICO PT II My next visit to our house in Puerto was mid November 2007. I was coming down to finalize the deed to the house, check on the property and grab a few rays of sun. I could never convince any of my friends to come for a free […]

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a american homeowner in mexico

Today has been a water day. From the moment I put my two feet on my Mexican tile floor in Puerto Escondido,Mexico, some part of my body was covered in cool,fresh moving water. Commited not to sit in the hammock and watch the palms,I was on my five km beach walk by 8 am. Returning […]

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