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buses,trains,cars,planes..traveling in India

When I arrived in India almost six weeks ago,I decided I wanted to travel with different forms of transportation so I could understand the different levels of the society. Instead of experimenting with the most basic first,I began my travels flying from Dhaka to Kolkatta. I was told that the bus trip overland,which cost less […]

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a chinese puzzle in India

As I have recounted my trials with the India mobile phone companies, now I have two SIM cards. One that works and one that does not.. I had purchased my recent Airtel card in Mysore which is in the state of Karnataka. I left this state on Thursday, April 5 and arrived in Kerala state […]

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Frustration and Anger in India

Before I begin my frustrating experience with the Indian mobile phone companies,the private taxi companies,auto rickshaw drivers,and the non-existence of customer service, I want to share with all of you the fact that now in India,there are 7 million new Indian millionaires. While I was at Baby Sarah’s home in Pondicherry, I mentioned this to […]

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My Indian Dream

I know I have come to India too late. But if I had come back in the 70’s I dont know if I could have survived the flith and poverty. There is still alot of both but now we have Indian shop keepers lined up on the streets, insistent,annoying and agressively demanding you come into […]

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