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week 8… Medina overload

I have been in Morocco for four weeks and traveled hundreds of miles,first with my friend Seth then on my own to Essaouira. Ive met so many people, so many great conversations, email and facebook exchanges, free intensive French on the street lessons, and so many medinas.. with hundreds of homeless cats, screeching motorcycles flying […]

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Kasbah de Mimi valle de dade

Revelations, Observations and Tourism

Reading a great book and then being disappointed watching the movie that was taken from the book is often a great disappointment. Revisiting a country after 15 years, not to mention back in 1975 when the world was a different place, can be just as disappointing. and I found this to be true for me in Morocco.. […]

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Out of Africa

So i am on the road with my friend Seth.. crossing parts  of Morocco with moments of pleasure .. we have met great people everywhere… on the road in the riads… I get to speak French,Spanish and my 34 worlds of Arabic . but there are tooooooo many tourists.. Out of  Africa Many people I know […]

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somewhere over the rainbow at Igim

Week 5 Limitations

 Living in  rural poverty , something most of us never experienced, is exhausting. Since most of the students in form 5 (3rd yr) at the high school failed the second term, I asked to interview several of the lowest performing in each class. Several had physical or emotional problems.   A young Muslim girl confided she had […]

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