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the village market after the rain

week 3… no more dust just rain

Tradition, Tradition.. Fundong  March 2, 2016 The rainy season has come early this year but it is probably preferable to being covered in dust.  When it rains here, it pours so loud that is it almost impossible to have a  conversation.  Making my bi-monthly trip for basic groceries into the big town of Bamenda 2 […]

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The lives of others on the African continent

There is only one route from Douala to Bamenda and then on to the rural village of Fundong where I spend several weeks each year working on water and school projects.  Unfortunately, that road was in a state of demolition. There is a new bridge under construction and the road through Bonaberri, one of the […]

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I am already in Douala

I am already in Douala and flying out tonight at 2am to Istanbul….i  am revisiting places from my past.. turkey , greece and italy.. Week 5   Fundong On the corner near the new boulangerie in Douala, women sat on the curb selling peanuts, avocados and phone time.  I doubt, after sitting on the ground all […]

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