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pamir hwy

The Journey thru Tajikistan

Traveling through northern Tajikistan into the Pamirs and the Wahkan Corridor, mesmerized by the dramatic beauty of the mountain passes on roads that barely passed as roads, we met cyclists who had ridden across Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan and into Tajikistan on their bicycles.  Getting to know two riders, one French, the other Indian, each traveling alone, […]

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mother and daughter at the hotel Wakhan valley

The Wakhan Valley and Afghanistan

The car kept climbing to a higher altitude as we drove around the sharp curves on a narrow dirt road up to Bibi Hot Springs. Passing the 12th century Yamchun fort hanging on the edge of a cliff, we finally reached the top of the mountain at almost 11,000 feet.  The only place to stay for […]

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Second highest mountain rang in the world

Entering Kyrgyzstan

As we left the passport office and stepped out into the rain and mud, we were grabbed by several men and pushed into a beaten up Russian Lada. A young guy jumped into the front and with a mix of Russian, English and our phones, we agreed on 6000 taxi fare($87) for the 350 km […]

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