my yearly visit

Here goes week 2 of my yearly visit.   I have been spending alot of time at the high school giving students a chance to speak to an adult, that’s me, about school, problems, hopes and dreams but it’s not easy to get these kids to talk since most conversations between children and adults is what they cant do and what they have to do to help the grownups in the house..  I’ve spent afternoons and early evenings sitting in my house 

conversing with kids who are now finishing high school or in college . We talk about their future and my experiences. i teach them slang or share ideas. i play with babies and 2 year olds since parents dont. We are doing two big projects ….
1.  the construction of 10 small dumpsters to place around the town, a few will try recycling food scraps into compost. this is costing $1000.. 
2. a major water project including the village of Meli, the two primary schools, the  high school which has a non functioning tap and 2 teachers’s colleges.. costing $3000
3.  we need at least $450 to continue our milk program at the high school 
4.  40 student fees will be $2000 
5.  we have raised about $6200.. so we are short a few hundred dollars..

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