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On the Tourist Trail

The most popular tourist destination in Ethiopia are the famous churches of Lalibela.  I never made it here in 1973 since it was several days trek by mule but now there is a modern airport with several flights from and to Addis everyday. I chose the 950 km drive from the north in Mekele since I […]

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crop on the ground

Ethiopia… .. On the Ground

Definitely some of the best food in Ethiopia is at the Gheralta Lodge in Hawsien village,north of Mekale. I knew that the cooks must have been trained by a European so when the manager confided that the owner had brought an Italian chef over for six months to work with the women,I was vindicated. After […]

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Ethiopia…………. What the tourist doesn’t see

The traffic in Addis only added to the utter chaos of too many construction sites with buildings in various stages of development. I had never seen sticks of wood being used to support the floors of apartment and hotel complexes rising in the sky. And the excessive use of mirrored glass on so many of […]

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nue bel douala

C’est la Cameroon

Most Cameroonians  never call you but beep your phone. That means you either call them back or they beep you again until you call them back.  The cell phone networks are both owned by two foreign companies; MTN from South Africa and Orange from France.  There is now a Cameroonian company as well, called CAMTEL […]

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