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Cape Town Journal april 2011

I flew in and out of O.R Tumbo International airport in Johannesburg on the same day of the week, a Tuesday, both times extremely ill, searching for a bathroom. A shiny new airport, each floor several blocks in length, had almost no seating and restrooms were miles apart. The only solace was the free luggage […]

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Everyday Stories

Every evening my neighbor’s two sons knock on my door, leave their torn rubber flip flops outside and take a seat at my shaky roundtable. This is possibly the high point of their day. They have come for a glass of hot chocolate before they go to bed. Their shared bed is an old piece […]

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Some kids in the world have no toys

I always believed that giving little girls dolls was one of the best ways to make them smile from ear to ear. The other day in Fundong, Cameroon I went to visit my 22 year old friend who, like so many Cameroonian women, had a child in her teens. Her 2 year old is fearless […]

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Staying sane in a crazy place

I can’t tell one day from another here in Fundong. My breakfast coffee and bread are my favorite meal since I brought my own espresso beans, a grinder and an espresso pot from the States . In Bamenda, a big town a few hours away, there is a good bakery and the supermarket sells imported French […]

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